If you guys know me you know I've spent a GOOD portion of my life the last 3 months in OR 2 with Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Miranda Bailey and the gang...

Yes, I hit Netflix HARD and watched 13 SEASONS (that's approx 303 hours of television, CRAZY, I know)... in a little over 2 months! 

So imagine the joy that overcame my body when I found out my best friend Becca Tilley & I were going to not only ATTEND the PaleyFest Panel for Grey's Anatomy.. but also interview the stars on the red carpet!

What was my immediate idea... WE NEED TO WEAR SCRUBS OBVIOUSLY! 

So step 1 was finding the PERFECT intern scrubs.. and I think we managed to do that quite nicely.. 

Now being that we are SUPER crazy fangirls that compare everything in our REAL lives to characters & relationships from Grey Sloan Memorial ... you can only imagine the amount of questions we had for the crew...

Here's a little rundown of what actually happened!

Dr. Arizona Robbins (aka Jessica Capshaw) 

Here's what we wanted to ask her:

What is REALLY going on with you and Minnick? 

Are you team #Japril or nah!? (I am 100% need them to be together)

What is it REALLY like living with hottie Deluca?

How could you turn your back on Dr. Webber like that!?

Here's what ACTUALLY happened ..

A lot of jumping up and down... and telling her how much we love her character! And she COULD NOT HAVE BEEN SWEETER!!!!! 

Next up... Dr. Deluca (aka Giacomo Gianniotti)

Here's what we REALLY wanted to ask him:

Why did you really drop chargers against Alex Karev..

It was because you love Jo Wilson, isn't it?

Why can't you just admit you LOVE JO!?

Here's what REALLY happened with Dr. Deluca


But can you blame us.. I mean, we were LIVING OUR BEST LIFE!!! It was like we were actual interns scrubbing in OR 2 .....

If you thought our freaking out took a break at all... it did NOT ..... 

The jumping & freaking continued with Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) .... Dr. Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton) .... and Dr. Alex Karev (Justin Chambers aka my future husband)....

Also guys... can we talk about Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and just how everything she is!

Here's what we REALLY wanted to ask her:

Who was your TRUE favorite from the OG intern class?

Is being chief of surgery everything you wanted it to be and more?

Here's what really came out..

"Can we get a picture!!!"

All in all it wasn't my BEST reporting but I have to say it is a day I will NEVER forget...

I had my bestie by my side.. and we were living out ALL OUR Grey's Anatomy dreams!

Cannot thank the cast ENOUGH for loving on us so hard...

We DID ask everyone if they could bring back 1 character from the dead who would it be.. and NO ONE said the clear answer... Denny Duquette (that death was STIll the hardest for me to swallow) 

Also Meredith Grey... Mrs. Pompeo ... we did not get the chance to meet you, but just sharing the same space as you was more than I could have imagined! 


XOXO until next time 

Becca & I will be doing this....