Once the last day of Coachella came around the corner, we felt like we needed to get our hands on all the food that we missed.

Everyone kept raving about a restaurant called Chego, so obviously we made a stop there.

Next, we stopped at the Beer Garden for a little refreshment. This is where everyone who is over 21 hangs out and gets a break from the madness. 

Trust us when we say that the Churro Bar had the BEST churros we've ever had! If you're heading to Coachella for Weekend 2, you must stop here. We got the Fruity Pebble Sundae, but if you're not into fruity pebbles, they told us that the Nutella Nut Churro Sundae is another fan favorite.

Lastly, we got the pulled pork sandwich from Bludso's! It was UNREAL! But if you can't handle spicy food, beware the sausage in the middle is pretty spicy!

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