On Day 2 of Coachella we HAD to start the day off with something sweet. We hit up McConnell's ice cream. 

We tried pineapple coconut Sorbet, lemon berry, and peanut butter.... let me tell you the peanut butter one was just so delicious I can't even put it into words.

Tanya doesn't dairy but said it was SO SO worth... every single bit of it!!

After snacking on some ice cream, we found a lemonade stand to quench our thirst after being in the desert sun.

Let us tell you... It was the most delicious ice cream I've EVER had! 

Next up on our Food Lineup is this INSANE grilled cheese from Winsome. You guys have to believe us when we say that it's hands down the best grilled cheese we've EVER had. 

And you can't go to Coachella without some tacos. Believe it or not, these tacos are vegan and taste just like regular tacos. If you're vegan and having a hard time finding food options for you, definitely hit up Taqueria La Veganza in the Rose Garden!