Nothing can get passed the BeyHive, that's for sure. A few members of Beyoncé's fan club have made an interesting observation that have us wondering.

A few days ago, Bey uploaded a few photos of herself on her website. To the naked eye, the photos just looked like ordinary pics that she always posts of her slaying. But, if you look a bit closer, you can notice something. At least, that's what the BeyHive did.

What's the special thing that Bey's fans noticed, you ask? Her earrings! In her new pictures, the fan group pointed out that the superstar was rocking the same earrings that she was wearing in her 2008 "If I Were A Boy" music video. 

Take a look at the newly uploaded pics below.

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And here are some stills from the music video.

Could this be a huge coincidence or did Bey tell us she was having boys? Tell us what you think!

Photo: Getty Images