artificial intelligence

Photo Credit: Getty Images

While the world collectively waits impatiently for those flying cars and hoverboards that Marty McFly predicted for 2015, some of the greatest minds on the planet are working together to launch the first international beauty contest judged exclusively by artificial intelligence.


The application process for this pageant, orchestrated by, is simple: Just snap your best Kim K. selfie using their special app, submit it to the contest site by January 15 of this year and the bots will handle the rest.

According to TechCrunch, a bunch of smart people known as programmers and coders will submit their sophisticated facial recognition algorithms that will allow the jury of robots to analyze the photos. Candidates will be evaluated on features such as "symmetry, skin color, wrinkles and many other parameters affecting our perception of beauty."  

“This contest will help build impartial feature-specific and general robots that will help us understand our faces," said Nastya Georgievskaya, a robot tutor at Youth Laboratories. "But my personal dream is to have this contest extended into anti-aging and general healthcare space.”

Check out the video below.