jennifer lawrence

Photo Credit: Bravo

Jennifer Lawrence's squad isn't big enough for two best friends, according to J.Law's real best friend Laura.

While promoting her new film Joy on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, the Academy Award-winning actress received a surprise phone call from her longtime gal pal, who phoned in from JFK airport to set the BFF record straight.

"Jen, I want to clear this up once and for all," Laura said. "Who is your best friend? Me or Amy Schumer?"

"You sausage! You know I love you," J.Law answered, then explains the nature of the question to Cohen. "She got upset after the sea-doo pictures came out -- the jet ski pictures."

"Riding a jet ski with my best friend. That's fighting words!" Laura joked. "Just because she's funnier than me!"

Check out the hilarious on-air ambush below: