Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar put down her arsenal of melee weapons and traded them in for cooking utensils and healthy ingredients to become a baked goods slayer. 

After starring on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams, and other soaps and films, the mother of two decided to pursue a project that would allow her to spend more time at home and be more creative. As a foodie, Gellar and one of her girlfriends decided to put together her cookbook, Stirring Up Fun with Food, featuring only healthy suggestions of everyone's favorite foods.

"You'll taste the difference, too," Gellar told On Air with Ryan Seacrest in-studio on Tuesday. "It's the stuff that you need to make and nothing else. And it's the best ingredient of that [food] that you can find." 

Also during her interview, Gellar revealed her last meal in jail would be Asanebo, a renowned upscale sushi joint in Studio City. But for her 40th birthday this Friday, Gellar said the meal will be a total surprise from her husband and Scooby Doo actor Freddie Prinze Jr., who also has a cookbook, Back to the Kitchen.

"My birthday meal Freddie usually makes. He's a chef, he's intense!" she said. "Last night he made a salmon with some shiitake mushrooms and a sake-reduced batchoy."

You can purchase Stirring Up Fun With Food now.