Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler is known for her sharp tongue and witty punchlines, but when it comes down to it, she can drop some really profound advice.

During Handler's in-studio appearance Wednesday morning, Ryan replayed a piece of advice Handler gave to Tanya Rad during her first week as an official On Air with Ryan Seacrest staff member in 2012. When Tanya asked what was the best tip she had ever received, Handler said in the old interview, "There's room for everybody. Don't be competitive."

Handler reiterated her message, telling listeners, "Anytime you feel like pangs of jealously towards someone else who's like stealing your thunder or getting attention, just shut up, shut up, shut up. There's room for everyone. You don't own this space."

Also during her interview, Handler gave two other suggestions that will help anyone gain a different perspective on life: wait tables for six months and leave the country for six months. In her early 20s, she was a server and learned the valuable lesson of being respectful and patient. "Well waiting tables, people treat you really badly," she said, "and you develop thick skin and you also learn how to respect people even when you're in a bad mood."

She added, "You learn how to be patient and kind to people when you don't feel like it because you see how people treat you. It feels terrible when people don't look you in the eye or they boss you around ... It's a good life lesson to learn. I like that I waited tables for so many years because I feel like I treat people with respect whenever I go out to eat."

On leaving the country temporarily, she said, "America, it can be silly here. So it's important to have tolerance."

Handler will continue to give tips and drop jokes on her Netflix talk show Chelsea, which returns for its second season this Friday (April 14). For Season 2, each episode will run for an hour and feature in-depth interviews, dinner parties, and more travel pieces to India, Europe, Washington D.C., and other locations. The talk show will bring together the documentary style from her other Netflix project, Chelsea Does, and her familiar talk show format.

"I like combining a documentary feel and me being a fish out of water with a regular talk show too," she said. "We have all these field pieces that we shot, and we placed them in the show with the live studio portion."

Chelsea, which formerly aired three nights a week on the streaming giant, will now air once a week on Fridays at 12:01 a.m., starting April 14.