Hip-hop artist Wale, better known for his "Chillin" partnership with Lady Gaga, took a break from promoting his new single "Running Back" featuring Lil Wayne to try his hand at Ed Sheeran's latest cut "Shape of You."

For his rendition, Wale lays down his bars over the studio version's marimba beats, rapping: "You fine, I just want you to shine/You’ll be out of your mind once that anatomy mine/Then that’ll be that, won’t let you ever look back/For her I’ll cut all my players, mess up my salary cap."

"Shape of You," released in tandem with "Castle on the Hill," is from Sheeran's forthcoming ÷ (Divide) album, out on March 3. The British singer will continue to hype the song with the introduction of "How Would You Feel" this Friday.

See the original version of "Shape of You" below:

Photo: Getty Images