Photo Credit: Getty Images

Traveling the globe, waking up in new cities, encountering overzealous fans and selling out shows is the quintessential rockstar lifestyle that pop-rock band R5 understands far too well.

In the music video for their latest single "Dark Side," the quintet -- siblings Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch, Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch and cohort Ellington Ratliff -- are giving fans a glimpse of their frenzied world. The video collage, shot only with GoPros, features raw footage of the band flying to different countries, meeting fans, rocking out in concert and goofing off during the rare instance of downtime.

"We chose to shoot our point of view of touring life from the time we wake up to when we hit the stage," Riker said of the video's concept. "Giving our fans a new perspective of our lives on tour, and seeing us perform so close up, I thought it would be cool, but it actually turned out even better than I imagined."

The groovy track, which is laden with funky bass lines and addictive synthetic beats, explores the idea of living life on the edge with the inclusion of quotable lyrics like, "Just close your eyes / let the night take you whole."

"Dark Side" is lifted from their sophomore album Sometime Last Night, available on iTunes here.

Watch OnAirWithRyan.com's exclusive premiere of "Dark Side" below: